It Makes You Feel a Little Less Alone | I wrote a feature on how teen survivors of school shootings are forming community and finding a way forward together for The Washington Post Magazine (2022).

The Run for the Money | I wrote a feature on how Covid funding will reshape education for The New York Times Magazine (2022).

‘Grandfluencers’ Are Sharing a New Vision of Old Age | I wrote Styles cover story on senior influencers for The New York Times (2022).

Do Not Touch Their Hair | I wrote a feature about Black kids discriminated against because of their natural hairstyles for The New York Times for Kids (2022).

How the $4 Trillion Flood of Covid Relief Is Funding the Future | I wrote a feature about how the pandemic reshaped American industry for The New York Times Magazine (2021).

The Impossible Job of a Parent Navigating Zoom School | I wrote a feature about the chaos of remote school for one Texan family for The Atlantic (2020).

What Would Texas Be Without Buc-ee’s? | I wrote a Styles story about the beloved convenience store chain and Texas identity for The New York Times (2019).

Bachelorette Parties Have Overtaken Austin. What Does It Mean for the City? | I wrote a feature about the changing face of Austin for Texas Monthly (2019).

Meet the Next Generation of Texas Hunters | I wrote about Black teenagers who hunt for Texas Monthly (2018).


Commonplace Books are Like a Diary Without the Risk of Annoying Yourself | I wrote an essay about writing down lines I love for The New York Times Magazine (2022).

The Best Pandemic Advice Comes from the Very Young and the Very Old | I wrote an opinion piece about talking to elders and kids for The Washington Post (2021).


In One Memoir, Stories of Two Outsiders in Small-Town Louisiana | I reviewed Diary of a Misfit: A Memoir and a Mystery by Casey Parks for The Washington Post (2022).

The Next Big Crime Podcast Is Coming From Inside the Jail | I wrote the first profile of the incarcerated production team behind the Ear Hustle podcast for WIRED (2017).

Missing Richard Simmons Is Gripping. And Also Kinda Icky | I reviewed Pineapple Street Media’s hit podcast for WIRED (2017).

Lincoln in the Bardo, George Saunders’ 7-Hour, 166-Person Audiobook, Feels Like a Movie | I wrote about the always inventive and humbling George Saunders for WIRED (2017).


I’ve contributed to three California guidebooks from Wildsam: Yosemite National Park, the Southern California Coast, and Big Sur & Highway 1, for which I took on a lead writer role.


For “70 Over 70,” the award-winning podcast from Pineapple Street Studios (glowing NYT review here), I found and interviewed dozens of elders with meaningful stories over Zoom. (Yes, that means I am an unofficial IT professional.) 

I co-produced and reported Pop-Up Magazine’s first-ever audio episode.

I’ve also consulted on and edited podcasts for At Will Media and Tooley Entertainment.


Envisioning Life After Climate Change | I contributed reporting for climate package for The New York Times Magazine (2022).

For Pop-Up Magazine, I produced stories to be performed onstage. After the pandemic hit, we shifted to online shows. You can see some of the digital stories I produced here and here, but nothing captures the magic of seeing them live in the theater).

For Hello Sunshine x Reese’s Book Club, I produced, edited, and art-directed a video series of short stories written and animated by female authors and illustrators across the world.

For Texas Monthly, I pitched, created, and edited an ongoing multimedia project about how the Me Too movement affected Texas women in their daily lives. I interviewed dozens of women, from an oil rig supervisor to a pastor, about their experiences in the workplace, power, and what needs to change.

In terms of brand work, I’ve reported stories for clients including Google, Nike, Indeed, Quartz Creative, and IDEO.


Fed up with school shootings, young people take action | I co-hosted an episode of “Colors: A Dialogue on Race in America” (2022).

Young children facing hair discrimination fight back | (I was interviewed on an episode of “Colors: A Dialogue on Race in America” (2022).

The Women’s Voices Project Podcast | I was interviewed for an episode of Texas Monthly’s podcast (2018).